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My birth parents.
Anonymous: If it sounds rude it isn't meant to be rude but how are you losing weight?

well since i was working about forty hours a week during long hours like 11 to 5 or 11 to 11:30 at night. i haven’t been eating regularly so i guess this isn’t a good way to lose weight. 

Anonymous: What is a hunty? And what does spilling the truth tea and getting dragged mean? I'm genuinely confused.


Omg as a gay I guess I have to explain.

Hunty = cunt and honey. Usually a friend that’s being a cunt.

Spilling the (tea) = spilling the (truth), like “spilling the beans”. So the when someone “sips that truth tea” mean they are enjoying the truth someone finally revealed about someone or something.

Being dragged means when someone spills all the tea basically and goes trough everything that person did wrong in front of everyone.

So now you understand gay jargon in 2014

getting a twenty five cent raise at work


party girls don’t get hurt

can’t feel anything

when will i learn?


me posing for a pic: